Gun Store Point-of-Sale

Connect AmmoReady to CoreStore, Cervelle, Rapid Gun Systems, AIM, or Orchid POS to Create an Instant Omni-Channel Solution for Retail and Ecommerce


Free Basic Setup When You Connect Your POS System to AmmoReady

When you connect your existing POS system to AmmoReady to stream your in-store inventory, we will waive our standard $500 setup fee, customize your AmmoReady storefront to show it off, and give you 90 days free with no monthly fees.

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Point-of-Sale Integrations works “out of the box” with CoreStore, CervelleRapid Gun Systems, and Tri-Tech AIM allowing us to deliver an effective, integrated POS and Ecommerce solution to fit any budget or business model.

Stream In-Stock Inventory Automatically

Automatically sync your in-stock inventory with your AmmoReady storefront. Stock levels are automatically updated in your POS system and AmmoReady as orders are processed and inventory is allocated to avoid out-of-stock and duplicate sales.

Promote and Sell In-Stock Inventory Online

Display your in-stock inventory on SEO optimized custom pages using Smart Collections. Connect AmmoReady to marketplaces like, WikiArms, Everest, and GunBroker to reach more consumers.

Offer In-Store and Curbside Pickup

Offer in-store or curbside pickup at checkout. Send email and/or SMS “ready to pickup” notifications when you’re ready to fill the order. Allow customers to “check in” when they arrive curbside.

CoreStore Point-of-Sale integrates seamlessly with CoreStore POS via our free CoreStore add-on. Automatically sync Calibers, Categories, Brands, Products, Customers, Orders, and Gift Cards. Search distributor catalogs, place stocking orders, and drop ship to customers and transfer FFLs, directly from CoreStore.

CoreStore POS

Rapid POS works “out of the box” with the Rapid Gun Systems POS solution. Our free Rapid POS add-on syncs data behind the scenes to keep your in-store and online operations (and employees) on the same page.

Rapid Gun Systems

Merchant Magic POS

Connect Cervelle Merchant Magic to your AmmoReady account to streamline inventory data entry, sync in-stock inventory to your website (and keep it in sync), and fill orders.

Merchant Magic

Orchid POS

Full-scale FFL POS, eCommerce & Range Management Solution. Why manage multiple vendors when you can have one? Orchid’s gun shop POS system is the industry’s most robust cloud-based software for single and multi-store retail and range FFLs.

Orchid POS

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