ATF Compliant Point of Sale

AIM is a complete business solution. It has everything you need to maintain ATF compliance (an integrated A&D book, 4473 form integration and Smartwaiver (Active-e required)) and manage your inventory from receiving to sales. Import products from industry-leading supplier catalogs like RSR Group, Sports South, and Lipseys. AIM also covers the basics, like managing range memberships, lane usage, and customer sales.

AIM Point of Sale Features

  • Electronic A & D Book – Completely integrated ebound book with e4473 integration with your choice of iTouch or FastBound!
  • Complete Point of Sale for Firearms – POS integrated with accounting, inventory management, customer management, and report catalog.
  • Range Management – Manage your range with your specific configurations including number of lanes, lane usage and lane reservation. Use our integration with the Smartwaiver system to manage your range waivers electronically.
  • Class Scheduling & Billing – Manage instructor schedules, group classes and payments, plus offer the flexibility and ease of on-line scheduling.
  • Gunsmithing – Generate estimates for repairs, cleanings etc. Turn estimates into repair tickets. Keep history for serialized items.
  • E-Commerce – Multiple e-commerce channels including AmmoReady and GunBroker.
  • Marketing – Tailor your ad and email campaigns based on customer history and sales records. Establish customer loyalty programs.
  • Supplier Catalog – Load supplier product catalogs, send electronic purchase orders, receive electronic invoices and check supplier availability from within AIM.