Connecting Your Existing POS System to AmmoReady is a Game Changer

Marrying the functionality of your existing POS system with the ecommerce capabilities of AmmoReady creates an instant “omni-channel” solution that is affordable, effective, and easy-to-use.

When you connect CoreStore POS, Cervelle Merchant Magic, Rapid Gun Systems, Tri-Tech AIM, or Orchid POS to your AmmoReady account, you are creating an integrated, automated solution that brings in-store and online operations together. And that changes everything.

While exact implementations vary from vendor to vendor, and you should check with yours for details, the primary goal of having your POS system integrated with your AmmoReady account is to “sync” your in-store inventory to AmmoReady so that you can sell it through your own website and/or list that inventory on the firearms-friendly marketplaces we’re partnered with.

Syncing your in-store inventory with your AmmoReady website, or “streaming” it to other websites, is the critical problem that POS integration solves. With five POS integrations up and running, and hundreds of merchants “streaming” millions of dollars worth of inventory, we’ve ironed out the kinks and polished the rough edges and our POS-to-AmmoReady inventory sync is more or less a boring, reliable utility at this point.

When you add or edit or sell inventory via your POS system, those changes are reflected in AmmoReady. When you make a sale online and an order is generated in AmmoReady, that order, and the accompanying customer information is automatically imported into your POS system. From there exact implementations may vary again, but typically your POS inventory is updated to reflect that the items on that imported order are “allocated”, and then AmmoReady is immediately updated with a new Qty for those items.

This “closed loop” that begins with inventory sync, includes importing all orders and customer information to the POS system, and ends with another inventory update, ensures that you never get “orphaned” or duplicate orders because of mismatched or stale data. It also eliminates duplicate inventory management, constant website editing, order and customer data entry, and it does it all consistently, reliably, and accurately.

POS integration with AmmoReady has been so successful for the merchants we are already working with that we want to make the choice to give it a try as easy as possible, by making it cheaper. Take AmmoReady for a spin at no risk to you by connecting your POS system with no setup fee and no monthly fees for 90 days. Kick the tires, dial in your storefront design, and see how AmmoReady can transform the way you sell online and fill orders.

Free Basic Setup When You Connect Your POS System to AmmoReady

When you connect your existing POS system to AmmoReady to stream your in-store inventory, we will waive our standard $500 setup fee, customize your AmmoReady storefront to show it off, and give you 90 days free with no monthly fees.

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