Using FastBound and AmmoReady to Sell Guns Online

The FastBound add-on for AmmoReady has been available for a couple of months now. Already dozens of FFLs (like Celt Arms, Off Grid Armory, and Sharp Shooters) are using it to stream their in-stock firearms (acquisitions) from FastBound to AmmoReady so they can sell them online, either through their AmmoReady storefront, or by listing them on GunBroker, AmmoSeek, or

How It Works

When you connect FastBound to your AmmoReady account you choose which FastBound item types you want to sync. Once activated, those items will appear in the new FastBound tab in the AmmoReady dashboard. After the initial import, you’re done. AmmoReady and FastBound work together to keep everything in sync.

Closing the Loop

When you sell a firearm online and an AmmoReady order is created, you can create pending a disposition record in FastBound directly from the AmmoReady order. This streamlines the fulfillment process, reduces errors, and saves time. That new pending disposition record in FastBound also triggers an AmmoReady update, so product availability is always accurate, online and in FastBound.

Ecommerce for FFLs

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