If any part of your ecommerce technology stack is based outside of the US, or is run by activist executives, your company’s entire online presence is at risk. Shopify’s recent decision to ban any “semi-automatic firearm that has a fixed magazine with the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds” means the AR-15 and most semi-automatic handguns will be prohibited. Do you sell any of those? This policy change isn’t a limited tweak to protect lives. It’s a devastating direct hit to the bottom line of anyone selling guns on the platform.

Shopify’s latest move is likely not their last and they are just one of a growing list of companies that restrict or ban the sale or advertisement of firearms. You can’t advertise or promote firearms on Google, Facebook, or Twitter. You can’t process transactions for firearms with Shopify or PayPal

The pistol emoji is now a squirt gun.

AmmoReady is built and operated from Greenville, SC by Americans, for Americans. We understand that pencils don’t cause spelling errors and that the right to keep and bear arms is what guarantees all other rights. We invite any and all firearms retailers using Shopify, or any other ecommerce platform with a questionable commitment to the firearms industry, to contact us to schedule a free consultation and demo.

We can migrate data from your existing solution, customize your AmmoReady storefront, and have you up and running in no time. We don’t require a contract and you can cancel your account at any time. We’d love to have your business and we’re committed to providing the tools, service, and support that firearms retailers need to succeed in an increasingly hostile ecommerce landscape.

Paul Angell, CEO