Spear Arms, a veteran owned and operated seller of complete firearms, firearms components, and firearms accessories, has launched a new website powered by the AmmoReady.com platform. SpearsArms.com features the Spear Arms exclusive collection of 80% lowers and lower parts kits for your next AR-9, AR-10, or AR-15 build. They also sell complete custom firearms like the Spear Arms AR-9 Pistol.

Tommy Vilbig, one of the company’s owners, is a United States Marine Amphibious Reconnaissance veteran. He served 6 years with 4th Recon Battalion in San Antonio, Texas.  Tommy has extensive training on multiple man-portable weapon systems, including the M-4, 1911, and the Barrett M2.  He has broad experience training and implementing CQB and reconnaissance and surveillance tactics and techniques while serving and training alongside some of the finest the USMC has to offer, from scout snipers,  to USMC shooting team members, to SAPD swat officers.  His experience in the military and passion for the outdoors led him to start Spear Arms as a provider of top quality firearms and components.

Spear Arms Premium Complete AR-9 Pistol

Spear Arms builds exceptional, custom firearms designed to meet the most demanding standards. They use only best-in-class components and every firearm is hand assembled and tested to ensure they meet that standard every day.

A great example is the Spear Arms Premium Complete AR-9 Pistol. This is a Spear Arms exclusive! All parts 100% made in the USA. We fully assemble and test all firearms in house prior to listing to ensure our customers get a premium, reliable weapon. Inventory is live updated and if it shows in stock, its ready to ship! This 9mm pistol is unique and in high demand.

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