If you’re using Shopify for your firearms business you may wake up tomorrow to find that your website site is offline…

Spikes Tactical was first and now M-13 Industries is the latest firearms retailer to be given the “This shop is unavailable” treatment by Shopify, with no warning. Here’s what their website is displaying as of this email:

Switch to AmmoReady.com

In the last several weeks we’ve been hard at work helping Shopify refugees like AxelsonUSA.comBorderPineIndustries.com, and OccamDefense.com migrate to the AmmoReady.com platform. In the coming weeks we’ll be launching several more websites for premium firearms manufacturers and retailers switching to AmmoReady from other anti-gun or agnostic ecommerce platforms.

The AmmoReady Difference

From storefront customization, inventory management, distributor catalogs, and credit card processing, to dropshippingmulti-channel sales, and ShipStation integration, our firearms-specific, ecommerce platform provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution for the entire ecommerce lifecycle.

Ecommerce Quick Start

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Ecommerce Quick Start: $500 ( a total savings of $627 )

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