We have hundreds of FFLs, including The Modern Sportsman, Kings Firearms, Celt Arms, Off Grid Armory, and AE Armory using our proprietary GunBroker integration to optimize their GunBroker sales funnel and streamline their order fulfillment process.

GunBroker API Integration

AmmoReady’s GunBroker add-on uses the GunBroker API to help you manage your GunBroker sales and order fulfillment process from inside AmmoReady. The add-on is live and in use right now by some of GunBroker’s top sellers. At the same time, it’s still under development.  We’re actively working with GunBroker’s engineering team to optimize our existing functionality and will be releasing some bussin’ new features very soon. No cap, fr fr…as they say on TikTok.

GunBroker Add-on Features

The GunBroker add-on for AmmoReady automatically imports your existing GunBroker listings in the background so you can view and manage them inside AmmoReady. It also imports all GunBroker orders and all associated customer information. And finally, it allows you to fill those orders from the AmmoReady Dashboard via distributor dropshipping or by shipping your own inventory via ShipStation, the same way you fill orders from your AmmoReady storefront. Oh ya,  it even updates GunBroker (who updates the buyer) when order status changes in AmmoReady, including the tracking number when an order is shipped. Pretty powerful stuff when you compare our integrated, unified process to managing those orders seperately in GunBroker and your existing ecommerce/website platform AND a third party shipping solution. No thanks…

Taking It To The Next Level With POS or FastBound Integration

Our GunBroker add-on focuses on the “last mile” integration between AmmoReady and GunBroker, but we also offer turn-key integrations for CoreStore, Rapid Gun Systems, Cervelle Merchant Magic, Tri-Tech AIM, Orchid POS, and FastBound. What does that mean? It means that if you connect any of those systems we will know what you have in stock at your physical location in realtime. That’s how you’re able to fill GunBroker orders by shipping your own inventory via ShipStation using AmmoReady. It also means we have everything we need to build those mysterious new features we mentioned up there ☝️

GunBroker Add-On Development Roadmap

Now that we’ve got so many FFLs using our GunBroker add-on we’re learning a lot and are getting lots of feedback. With that intel in hand, we’re already working on our next big GunBroker feature(s). Make sure you watch this space and subscribe to our mailing list to keep with the latest news.

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