continues to add new features like the Show Me Your Papers add-on and a soon-to-be-released, crowd sourced, catalog management feature that is a game changer. And new merchants like Buckeye Shooting Center and the Dallas Texas Arms Company and Lake Erie Arms. And new distributors like Gun Accessory Supply and 2nd Amendment Wholesale. Here’s a quick run down of what we’ve been up to since our last New Feature Roundup.

Show Me Your Papers

Install the Show Me Your Papers add-on and AmmoReady will prompt customers purchasing ammunition, in the states you specify, to upload the front and back image of their valid ID card.

Enforce MAP for On-Hand Inventory

You can now use MAP data from AmmoReady to protect yourself from MAP violations related to your on-hand Inventory (vs streaming catalog products which were already covered).

Orchid POS

AmmoReady and Orchid POSTM seamlessly integrate to create the industry’s leading retail solution. Features include streaming distributor inventory, in-store inventory online, customizable website and webstore, dropshipping, and  in-store special orders and replenishment.

Site Builder

Some ecommerce solutions use themes. Some use templates. Some charge you an arm and a leg for a “custom site”. We charge you a one time setup fee and use our proprietary Site Builder to create a customized ecommerce storefront to your specifications.

2nd Amendment Wholesale

2nd Amendment Wholesale will be offering realtime catalog streaming, ship-to-store fulfillment, FFL dropshipping, and direct-to-consumer dropshipping to AmmoReady’s nearly 1,000 active merchants.

Custom Shop

Ready to go beyond the basics? Our web design professionals can take your AmmoReady storefront to the next level at prices everyone can afford. Visit the Custom Shop to learn more and request a quote. We charge $75/hour and only work on small projects no longer than 4 hours, one at a time.


Kevin™️ is building a new, top-secret catalog management and data quality tool that is going to change the way AmmoReady merchants stay on top of their product data.

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