While our competitors, old and new, have been busy pivoting like Ross and Chandler carrying a couch, making home movies, and playing catch up, we’ve been hard at work adding new features, welcoming back old friends, and growing so rapidly that we’re quickly closing in on 1,000 dealers using the AmmoReady platform to kick names and take ass. Here are just a few of the latest changes.

New AmmoReady Features, Add-Ons, and Services

Rebater Add-On

AmmoReady’s Rebater add-on streams active industry rebates to a custom gun Rebates page on your AmmoReady storefront. It also displays active gun rebates on corresponding Brand pages. Every month we curate our list of active gun rebates to keep it up to date so you don’t have to.

Add to Cart for Best Price

You can now specify, at the Brand level, to display “Add to Cart” instead of a product’s Price when/if your price dips below MAP pricing. Look for this new option on the Settings > Brands page. This feature only works when we have MAP data for a given item.

Site Builder 1.0 (beta)

We’ve begun deploying new options for customizing your AmmoReady storefront. You can now choose between a Light or Dark theme, select a left or center logo header layout, customize the pre-built Categories menu, and customize the color of specific site elements with a point and a click.

FastBound Add-On (beta)

Our FastBound add-on is being adopted by AmmoReady dealers faster than any other integration we’ve released so far. When used together, FastBound and AmmoReady combine to create an effective, affordable, and easy-to-use solution for selling online, filling orders, and keeping the entire process 100% compliant.

Custom Shop

Ready to go beyond the basics? Our web design professionals can take your AmmoReady storefront to the next level at prices everyone can afford. Visit the Custom Shop to learn more and request a quote. We charge $75/hour and only work on small projects no longer than 4 hours, one at a time.

GunEngine.com Add-On

GunEngine.com is committed to helping users to find the best deals on ammo, guns, and other outdoor-related products. Search for firearms and ammunition from over 100 vendors. Gun Engine provides pricing and availability for the following categories: Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns, Ammo, Accessories, Gun Parts, and Reloading.


Even as we deploy the latest updates to the AmmoReady platform, we are already hard at work on even more game-changing integrations in partnership with best-in-class solutions providers like Norton, Route, ArmsList, and a very well known, firearms-friendly point-of-sale solution, whose name shall not be spoken 👀

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