GUNFIGHT: MakeReadyArmz(s) vs AmmoReady

Adding a distributor to your MakeReadyArmz(s) account like ☝️

And this is how you do it with 😎

And that’s it.

When you connect a supported platform distributor to your AmmoReady account, by entering the required credentials yourself, you’re done. That’s all you have to do. As soon as we validate your account credentials, our experienced team of Keebler Elves ™ uses AI-enhanced “fembots” powered by GMO hampsters to sync that distributor’s products to your AmmoReady account. And from that point on, they keep those products up-to-date, automagically. All you have to do is set your margins and start selling.

But what about duplicate items?!?! 😭

Ya, that’s handled. AmmoReady keeps track of every “source” for which you have availability (where Qty > 0) for every product, at all times. That includes your connected distributors AND your in-stock inventory. In fact, when someone views a product in your AmmoReady storefront, we show them the best price you can offer them based on your lowest cost source plus your pre-configured markup. We even do automated MAP enforcement to protect you from blacklisting. You’re welcome.

When you get an online order for a distributor product, AmmoReady also makes it a SNAP to point, click, and send that order to the distributor for shipping to your store, a transfer FFL, or directly to the customer, depending on what they ordered. Oh ya, we also keep an eye on all dropshipping orders and when they ship we grab the tracking number and email it to the customer. So you don’t have to. You’re welcome again.

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