After several months of testing, we’re about to roll out a powerful new add-on called Smart Collections. A Smart Collection is just like a normal Collection, which is just a group of products, except that a Smart Collection is automatically updated based on a set of rules (search criteria), instead of you manually adding and removing items.

You may already be using a Smart Collection on your homepage. When we first began testing Smart Collections functionality we introduced two as a standard feature for all users. The “Top Selling Firearms” and “Top Selling Handguns” Smart Collections are a great option for a landing page that is constantly updated, automatically, with top selling firearms. Set it and forget it.

Well now that we’ve worked out the kinks, we’re wrapping up work on a Smart Collections add-on that will include several new, pre-built Smart Collections (like New Products and Top Sellers in more categories) and allow you to create your own Smart Collections. Want to create a Smart Collection for semi-automatic handguns, in 9mm or 380, priced between $300 and $450 from just a few brands? No problem. What about accessories under $5? Done.

Smart Collections allow you to curate your distributor catalog items to create targeted groups of products to better appeal to specific shoppers, for promotions, for holidays, or a new hunting season. How you use them is up to you. We expect to be able to deploy the new add-on in the next week or two. We can’t wait to see what kind of Smart Collections you use to create engaging, automated pages to promote your best selling products.