FFL CONSUMER ALERT: Be On the Lookout for Prepayment “Deals” and Vaporware

AmmoReady does not require a contract, we don’t ask our customers to pay for a year in advance, and we don’t take money for things that aren’t available yet.

AmmoReady.com is a true SaaS platform. That means we charge our customers a monthly fee to use our software as a subscription service, like DirecTV or Netflix. We don’t require a contract and you can cancel at any time, for any reason, or no reason.

This business model means that whenever we ship a new feature, fix a bug, add a new dropshipping distributor, or roll out an integration with a new partner, every merchant using AmmoReady gets those enhancements, or access to them, at the same time. It also means we can deploy new capabilities in “beta” mode on the down low while completing development and testing. We’re doing this right now with FastBound, Silencer Shop, and several other partners.

This approach to building and selling software depends on one critical thing. The software has to be good enough that people want to keep using it, and paying for it, WITHOUT requiring a contract or prepayment to lock them in.

If you’re talking to a technology provider and they’re offering a discount, but only if you pre-pay for a year, and you won’t have access to the software until it’s “ready”, then you have to ask yourself, why are they doing that?

No firearms-related business wants to lay out money to pre-pay for anything if they don’t have to. That is a misallocation of capital better spent acquiring inventory during this period of record-high consumer demand and supply chain disruptions. If spending that money now saves you money later, that may make sense, but what if those savings are imaginary and based on made up fees?

Before you sign a contract or prepay for ANY software, be sure that you know what you’re getting, what you’re NOT getting, and what happens if that solution just doesn’t work for your business. If the money is spent and the results you’re after don’t materialize, you don’t want to be locked into a long term mistake that could have been avoided.

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