EagleCombat.com is now live, powered by the AmmoReady.com ecommerce platform and CoreStore POS. The new website features Eagle Combat’s in-stock inventory including self-defense handguns, ammunition, premium optics, standard and high capacity magazines, and firearms accessories.

Eagle Combat chose CoreStore for inventory management, complete with an integrated electronic bound book, because it integrates “out of the box” with AmmoReady via a free add-on to create an instant omni-channel solution. All in-stock inventory in CoreStore is automatically synced with AmmoReady in real-time as inventory changes, so that what you see at EagleCombat.com is always 100% accurate and up to date.

Whenever something sells online, CoreStore is updated instantly to capture the new Customer and online Order, and inventory levels are once again updated and synced. Everything happens automatically, in the background, so all Eagle Combat has to do is receive inventory into CoreStore, and then ship product to fill online orders. All for a couple hundred bucks a month, with no contract required by AmmoReady or CoreStore.

"AmmoReady.com is the most affordable, effective, and easy-to-use ecommerce solution for guns and ammo available today, and it's not even close."

-- Scott Dubuisson, EagleCombat.com
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