Connect Your Gun Store POS System to AmmoReady offers turn-key integration with CoreStore POS, Cervelle Merchant Magic, Rapid Gun Systems, Tri-Tech AIM, and Orchid POS, five of the firearms industry’s leading point-of-sale solutions. While these systems vary in specific features and price, connecting any of them to AmmoReady creates an instant “omni-channel” solution that synchronizes your in-store and online operations, which changes everything. uses Cervelle Merchant Magic to keep it’s AmmoReady website up to date

Connecting the POS system you use to manage your  brick-and-mortar gun store, shooting range, or manufacturing facility to AmmoReady streamlines and automates the entire lifecycle of online sales.

From inventory import and synchronization, to automatic online product listings (on your AmmoReady website and third party marketplaces), to the actual online sale, and finally, order fulfillment, AmmoReady, together with your existing POS system, creates a proven, reliable, easy-to-use, effective, and affordable alternative to expensive, custom built solutions that recreate the wheel for every customer, at great expense.

Wild West Shooters uses Rapid Gun Systems to keep it’s AmmoReady website up to date

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