The New AmmoReady Custom Shop Offers Advanced Website Customization

Celt Arms is a family owned and operated business based in Franklin, TN. Avid shooting sports enthusiasts and strong supporters of the 2nd Amendment, their mission is to provide an exceptional, stress-free firearms shopping experience, offer the highest-quality products, and deliver uncompromised service for all shooters, no matter their level of experience.

The new, powered by AmmoReady and FastBound, features the company’s impressive line of premium firearms and shooting accessories. The website is kept up-to-date automatically via AmmoReady’s free add-on for FastBound. All firearms received into FastBound are automatically synced to AmmoReady so they can be displayed and sold through the website, or any of the gun-friendly marketplaces AmmoReady connects to like GunBroker,, Everest, or AmmoSeek. AmmoReady also creates pending disposition records in FastBound for every online order to prevent duplicate sales and expedite the fulfillment process. The entire workflow is automated to save time, eliminate errors, and to keep FastBound and AmmoReady in sync, all the time.

“AmmoReady’s entire business model is uniquely flexible, affordable, and effective compared to every other option we looked at. We’ve got a custom, mobile-ready website that streams inventory from FastBound and automatically creates pending disposition records when we sell something online. That’s huge for saving time and keeping everything in sync. We’re also streaming distributor products, dropshipping directly to transfer FFLs, aggregating our physical inventory to gun-friendly marketplaces, and using ShipStation to fill orders. AmmoReady is a game changer.”

– Ian Coburn, Celt Arms

Premium Firearms from Celt Arms

Celt Arms keeps the most exceptional brands in stock and ready to ship. You’ll find only the best by industry leaders like Agency Arms, Aimpoint, B&T, CZ, FN USA, Gear Head Works, Geissele, Glock, HK, Nighthawk Custom, Primary Weapon Systems, Q Firearms, Savior, Sig Sauer, and Walther.

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