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The new GunMade add-on for AmmoReady streams your in-stock and/or dropshipping inventory directly to to be included in their product search engine. The data feed add-on costs $29/month. There are no additional listing fees for AmmoReady merchants!

When installed, direct links to product pages on your AmmoReady website will appear on the website alongside their firearms product reviews, topical guides that cover everything from product comparisons to gun laws to industry insights, and of course, search results.

“ caught my attention because they’ve taken a different approach than their competitors and it shows”, commented Founder and CEO Paul Angell. “Brady and his team love what they do, they create compelling, high quality content, and they are effectively attracting firearms consumers via organic search and social media, which is not easy to do. I’m very excited to be working with them to offer AmmoReady merchants another sales channel that gets around big tech censorship and the ridiculous costs associated with other digital marketing alternatives.”

In addtion to products links across the website, select AmmoReady merchants using the add-on will be featured among other premium retailers on the GunMade Stores page. This premium benefit provides additional visibility among visitors and invaluable “SEO juice” that comes from having your brand and links appear among related content on such a highly trafficked firearms-focused website.

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