now supports product variants on inventory items (vs distributor products). Product variants allow your customers to choose from one or more product options when checking out. Think of selecting Size and Color when buying a t-shirt.

When creating a product variant, you can choose to track quantity and apply an additional fee to individual variant options. This combination of features, based on direct customer input, means this new feature can be used for more than just hats and shirts.

For example, if you offer training classes, you can create a date variant, add each date the class is offered, and then set the Qty for each of those dates (total number of students allowed). Boom 💥, you now have a single, SEO optimized product listing for your training class that allows your customers to select from all available dates and checkout.

Another example is a “gun builder” that allows your customers to select the individual components that go into their custom build. For each component, you create a variant with multiple options. For each option you can track quantity and an added fee. AmmoReady will automatically track the avialability of each component and disable options that are out of stock for each variant. Boom 💥, you’re taking orders for custom builds, with dynamic pricing, while keeping track of all components.

Product variants are available now for all AmmoReady customers at no additional cost.