Automated sales tax reports in all states for simplified filing


Accurate, Detailed Sales Tax Reports

TaxJar’s local jurisdiction reports show you sales and sales tax collected for each state and local jurisdictions (counties, cities, special jurisdictions, etc). You can also sort data by any date range you need. Perfect for when it’s time to file your sales tax returns!

Estimated Sales Tax Reports

Not sure if you’ve been collecting the right amount of sales tax? See a comparison of what you actually collected versus what you should have collected.

Up-to-Date Collection Data

Your dashboard shows you how much you’ve collected in sales tax for any state you have nexus and when your next payment is due. We update your data automatically every day. No manual uploading required. View and analyze sales tax data at a glance.

One-Click Automated Filing

Automatically file sales tax returns in all 50 states. One click and your sales tax responsibilities are over.

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