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Back In Stock Notifications

Notify your customers via email when the items they want are back in stock

Stop losing sales when inventory runs out with the Back In Stock add-on. Give your customers the option to be notified when the out of stock products they want to buy are available for purchase.

This new add-on brings a powerful ecommerce sales tool to your AmmoReady storefront. When installed, customers viewing out of stock items will be presented with the option to enter their email address so they can be notified when the item is back in stock. In the background, AmmoReady checks the quantity available for all subscribed products and sends notifications every 5 minutes.

All you have to do start capturing sales from out of stock items is install the add-on and then keeps tabs on all product subscriptions and notification emails sent. We even show you sales attributed to notifications.

How to install the Back In Stock add-on

  1. Sign in to your AmmoReady account
  2. Go to Settings Add-Ons
  3. Click to install the Back In Stock add-on
  4. Add-on functionality is activated immediately
  5. Integrated graph shows all add-on activity
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