Tri-Technical Systems, makers of the popular AIM point of sale solution, have announced the immediate availability of a turn-key integration for’s firearms-friendly ecommerce and dropshipping platform

“Tri-Tech is a well established POS vendor in the firearms industry, serving some of the highest volume retailers in the country,” commented Paul Angell, AmmoReady’s Founder and CEO. “Their integration with AmmoReady adds instant value for existing and future AIM merchants. Retailers using AIM can now connect to the AmmoReady platform and instantly stream their in stock inventory from AIM to their custom AmmoReady storefront.”

The integration between AIM and AmmoReady keeps in-stock inventory synchronized between the two systems at all times. Given unprecedented consumer demand and the rapid pace of inventory turns, this critical feature means retailers using AIM point of sale can focus on marketing and shipping products instead of dealing with data entry, duplicate orders, and stale website content.  

“AmmoReady’s ecommerce platform, integrated with the AIM Firearm POS Solution, allows firearm retailers a more streamlined approach to an online presence. This year has been a busy year for firearm sales and our retailers are looking for more efficient ways to save time while remaining compliant,” said Paul Acton, Tri-Technical CEO. “With AIM’s robust inventory management and AmmoReady’s easy to use ecommerce platform, we are confident this new partnership will provide great value to our firearm retailers.”

In addition to keeping inventory on the website accurate and up to date, the AIM integration with AmmoReady also synchronizes all orders and customer information, laying the foundation for a seamless customer experience in store and online. Additional integration around gift cards, memberships, and other advanced features are planned for the near future. The AIM add-on for AmmoReady is free and is available now. 

About provides inventory and distributor catalog management, point of sale integration, custom ecommerce websites, firearms dropshipping, and digital marketing solutions for firearms retailers. Through a growing list of optional add-ons, the AmmoReady platform also offers turn-key integration with partners including, WikiArms, TaxJar, ShipStation, Credova, and GunBroker. To learn more visit

About AIM Point of Sale

AIM is a complete business solution. It has everything you need to maintain ATF compliance (an integrated A&D book, 4473 form integration and Smartwaiver (Active-e required)) and manage your inventory from receiving to sales. Import products from industry-leading supplier catalogs like RSR Group, Sports South, and Lipseys. AIM also covers the basics, like managing range memberships, lane usage, and customer sales.