Direct Representation

We directly represent several firearms and accessories manufacturers, eliminating the need for a distributor. When you buy from, you are buying directly from the manufacturer. There are NO PRICE MARK-UPS! Our prices are the manufacturers prices.

No Credit Card Fees

** Increase your bottom line **

** Keep your prices low **

** Encourage cash customers **

** Automatic process **

** Ability to waive fee **

Curated Products

All of the products we sell offer the very best of quality and performance for the price point they are in. Don’t waste your time trying to compete with the big box and on-line stores, because you can’t! Sell high quality, great value guns that they don’t have! Products that you can only get from


The majority of the guns we carry are exclusive to High quality, great prices, limited numbers and no competition from the big box or online stores. 100% Made in the USA!