Firearms as a Service isn’t just an ecommerce website for gun stores or a shopping cart for FFLs. It’s also inventory management, distributor catalogs, MAP enforcement, fraud prevention, credit card processing, custom pages, ShipStation integration, dropshipping (to customers and transfer FFLs), and multi-channel sales. But even more importantly, AmmoReady is also a service.

For lack of a better description, is the first ever “firearms as a service” platform that combines cloud infrastructure (AWS), custom software (we wrote every line of code in Greenville, SC), and operations support (KevinDoIt™) as a utility service that you pay for month to month. is monitored, administered, and curated all day, every day, by the same team that built it. When bad distributor or manufacturer data is discovered, we fix it. When a customer lets us know how something can be improved, we change the app and push an update…the same day. When our customers need help, advice, an explanation, or feedback, we talk to them. Our goal is to support your ecommerce operations whether you are online-only, an independent retailer, or an agile enterprise looking for a competitive advantage.

When you choose AmmoReady over a scaled-down, overly-complicated, one-size-fits-all enterprise solution, or a dated, legacy solution that hasn’t changed and isn’t going to, you’re getting a lot more than a website or a shopping cart. You’re getting a modern, powerful, and easy-to-use solution (for less money), that gets results, and you’re getting a partner that has a vested interest in your ecommerce success.

It’s 2018, and AmmoReady represents a new way of doing business. We offer a free trial, there is no contract, and you can cancel at any time. Have questions or want to talk about integration with your existing solutions? Give us a call at 800-566-8082 or send an email to