Trump Slump: This June 22 article by Theron Mahomed at Business Insider says it all:

Gun and ammo sellers are suffering from a lack of ‘fear-based buying’ because no one’s worried about gun control under Donald Trump

It’s not news that guns aren’t flying of the shelves. Everybody knows that. Particularly, Remington, AcuSport, and Ellet Brothers. Right now, supply exceeds demand. The invisible hand has a death grip. The industry is “right sizing” in terms of supply and capacity. I’ll leave the navel gazing about all that to the guys in the blue blazers because there’s another, more interesting side to this story.

When the “Trump slump” is in the rearview mirror, and supply is down, and demand is up, and the invisible hand is pointing customers your way again, what will the industry at large, and more importantly, your business, look like? Will you go back to doing things the way you did the last time guns were selling themselves? A lot has changed since the heady days when the “greatest gun salesman that ever lived” was driving every aspiring gun owner in America to buy anything they could get their hands on.

The Trump slump is not only the perfect time to optimize your business, it’s critical, because that’s what your competitors are doing…

They’re streamlining operations and reducing costs, expanding product selection (not necessarily with in-stock inventory), launching new websites, experimenting with digital marketing, adding new sales channels, offering new services like consumer financing, and, most of them are keeping their marketing powder dry until the first school bus they get stuck behind in August signals the coming hunting, shopping, holiday, political season we’re all waiting for breathlessly.

When the “rebound” comes, or, more likely, as it materializes slowly over time, you’re gonna see a LOT of pent up ad dollars put to use in entirely new ways, a LOT of new competition, new channels for selling to consumers whenever and wherever they wanna shop, and generally, a LOT more firearms retailers “doing it right” because they’ve learned a thing or two, because they have to in order to compete in today’s retail landscape, and, in part, because companies like AmmoReady (and a bunch of our partners) are disrupting the @$%& out of the “normal” way of selling guns, in-store and online.

If you’re looking to modernize your technology stack, expand your online presence, embrace digital marketing, and save money while doing it, contact us today to start the conversation about bringing digital transformation to your modern firearms business.